Canadian branch plant economies essay

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Canadian design history

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The National Policy also fueled regional grievances. Canadian Branch plant economies Modern industrial organizations in Canada are synonymous with the branch plant economy phenomenon. In general, “the term branch plant economy refers to a convenient shorthand term to describe a regional economy where a large proportion of the employees are in establishments owned by firms.

Industrialization in Canada

By the s, American branch plant operations dominated in some industrial sectors in Canada, including automobile assembly, but also in consumer products, chemicals and auto parts.

The National Policy also fueled regional grievances. Wallace, Geography of the Canadian Economy, Ch. 4. Old Economies: Resources and Processing Sectors Wallace, Geography of the Canadian Economy, Chs.

National Policy branch-plant economy agri-food sector Canadian energy self-sufficiency producer services GATT.

American Chemical Corporation Essay

In Canada, branch plant economies are subsidiaries of companies based abroad, mostly in the U.S. A branch plant economy is a strategic tool used by transnational corporations to maximize profits, avoid tariff fees and encourage exports.

References to the "takeover of facilities by multinational organizations," or to our branch-plant economy dominated by foreign (read "American") ownership, merely restate, with different emphasis, the belief that the predicament of design in Canada has something to do with proximity to the United States.

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