Career goals as petroleum engineer

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Engineering Majors

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Environmental engineering

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Top Colleges for Petroleum Engineering Degree in 2018

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Career Objectives for Engineers

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Schlumberger Malaysia voted as a Top 5 most preferred company. Schlumberger Malaysia has been voted by Undergraduates in Malaysia as a Top 5 most preferred organization to work with. The Highfield Company are an International Construction, Property, Oil / Gas and Engineering recruitment consultancy with a global reach.

Engineer career goals samples 3: My main goal, as a professional, is to apply all the knowledge I have acquired through my studies and my experience to provide solutions to the problems facing the industry today.

Computer Engineer/Systems Analyst A computer engineer coordinates the construction, maintenance, and future growth of a company’s technology systems. Flexibility, strong technical skills, and the ability to balance many priorities are highly valued traits in this industry.

Production Engineers might see a strong upturn in salary after transitioning into upper-level roles such as Petroleum Engineer, a seemingly popular career choice. Practical Optimization of Petroleum Production Systems [Burney Waring] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

The Definitive Resource for Systematically Discovering Value in Your Existing Oil or Gas Field, At the Lowest Possible Cost Burney Waring practiced and studied optimization of oil and gas fields for 29 years.

Career goals as petroleum engineer
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Petroleum EngineerSkills and Knowledge