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Be sure to somewhere cite your references. Discussion Board-Topic & Approach. Read: “Topics and Approaches to the Literary Essay” in the Resources folder. Choose one of the topics provided for you, or email the professor for approval of.

* Open class discussion is an important and significant part of an online course.

Within the Discussion Board area, write 400–600 words that respond to the following

While class discussion whether online or face to face, can be characterized by free flowing conversation, there are identifiable characteristics that distinguish exemplary contributions to class discussion from those of lesser quality.

Discussion questions: Choose some major controversy/"fiasco" (real or alleged) from the last 25 years (other than one of those discussed in the book Victims of Groupthink, i.e., the Bay of Pigs, Pearl Harbor, Korea, Vietnam, and Watergate).

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Best Practice: Effective Discussion Questions The quality of the first post in a thread influences the thought level of subsequent postings. A carefully worded discussion question is perhaps the most important factor in using discussions to satisfy your learning objectives.

Discussion Board Questions: The use of Family talk and then family classification. The pressure of natural selection Creative Writing Essay.

The “Tell Us Something About Yourself” Application Essay

Discussion activities often begin with questions. A good place to start is abrasiverock.com, which has a large selection of topics, each with a long list of questions.

abrasiverock.com provides songs that can be used to introduce a discussion topic and to look at it through the song’s lyrics.

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