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The Outline and Concept of Ethical, Social and Environmental Accounting Essay Sample

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2) Environmental cost accounting An advanced step of development of environmental accounting is development of environmental cost accounting. Cost accounting is defined as use of the accounting record to directly assess costs to products and processes (Lally, ).

Introduction According to The Environment Agency in the United Kingdom (), Environmental Accounting can be defined as: “The collection, analysis and assessment of environmental and financial performance data obtained from business management information systems, environmental management and financial accounting systems.

Environmental accounting on the other may specifically refer to the use of accounting principles and concepts in regard to an organization’s impact to the natural environment (Nath, ). Environmental accounting is a important instrument for understanding the function played by the natural environment in the economic system.

Environmental histories offer facts which concentrate reciprocally the influence of natural resources to economic public assistance and the costs obligatory by pollution or resource want.

An environmental accounting system is composed of environmentally differentiated conventional accounting and ecological accounting. * Environmentally differentiated accounting measures impacts of the natural environment. Environmental accounting on the other may specifically refer to the use of accounting principles and concepts in regard to an organization’s impact to .

Environmental accounting essay
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