Nrotc nurse essay

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Grants & Scholarships

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Women may now participate in the program while attending any NROTC affiliated college or university. Inthe NROTC Scholarship Program was expanded to include applicants pursuing a four-year degree in Nursing, leading to a.

Feb 08,  · Discuss your reasons for wanting to become a Naval Nurse Officer. I have had a life-long passion for healthcare. This has led me to I therefore decide d on a career in nursing. Jun 29,  · NROTC scholarship is the most competitive out there, and for some more competitive than an apptmt.

Scholarships are national, tied to schools and the applicants, appointments are tied to the state that applicant resides in. S.D. candidate probably has a better chance at the USNA, than a VA resident. HBCU Scholarships.

HBCUPages has a huge listing of African American Scholarships! Our minority scholarships are listed by major, by organization, by name and we have a listing of hbcu scholarships offered at historically black colleges and universities.

National 2 Year and 3 Year Scholarships. 2 year and 3 year NROTC scholarships are awarded competitively by a national scholarship selection board each summer.

Nursing Scholarships for High School Graduates

Students do not need to be currently participating in the NROTC program in order to apply for 2 and 3 year scholarships. Eligibility Requirements. U.S. citizenship or naturalized citizen.

NROTC Nurse Corps Scholarship. Sponsored by: U.S. Navy Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps (NROTC) Applicants must be in the second semester of their junior year of high school. They must plan to attend an NROTC college or university that offers the bachelor's degree in nursing.

Nrotc nurse essay
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Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps - Nurse Corps