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Maurice Ewing

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The American oceanographer William Maurice Ewing () was a leader in modern earth science research, especially in the applications of geophysics to oceanography. William Maurice "Doc" Ewing (May 12, – May 4, ) was an American geophysicist and oceanographer.

Ewing has been During his career he published over scientific papers. He served as president of the American Geophysical Union and the Seismological Society of America.

He led over 50 oceanic expeditions. William F. Pounds: Influences: Richard T. Ely, John R. Commons, Henry George, Simon was a prolific writer and authored 27 books and almost a thousand papers.

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Oceanographer: Erwing William Maurice. inand a Ph.D.

Explorers of the deep; pioneers of oceanography,

in He taught physics at the University. Written Essay Friday, January 31, Conference papers and proceedingsBroecker, Wallace S., Bucher, Walter Hermann, Columbia University Earthquakes Earth tides Ewing, W. Maurice--(William Maurice), Geologists Geology North New Jersey North Pacific Ocean Oceanography Pacific Area Pacific Ocean Physicists Plate tectonics Prospecting--Geophysical.

Oceanographer erwing william maurice essay
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